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10 Essential Characteristics in an Excellent Chauffeur

10 Essential Characteristics in an Excellent Chauffeur

The best limousine service is not just about having the most luxurious cars. As a matter of fact, the service that the chauffeur provides during a limousine ride is just as, if not more than the luxurious cars itself. Customers are willing to pay high prices for a limo service thus they are expecting a brilliant customer experience. Here are 10 essentials that every great limousine service must have in their chauffeurs.

1. Licensing & Certifications

Before discussing the characteristics, and personality traits of the chauffeur, the first and foremost essential is a proper driver’s license, and certification to drive a limousine. Without a proper license, and certification, it is highly risky to allow them to drive the limousine. It is also very important that they have proper insurance just in case of the unexpected.

2. Sophistication

Most customers book limousines for special occasions, and events, that is why it is highly important for a great chauffeur to be very professional and sophisticated in all aspects. The way they speak should be really professional, and respectful. They should always dress the part in a formal attire to help compliment the elegance of the limousine and the event taking place.

3. Communication Skills

The chauffeur will transport the customers from one place to the other, sometimes more than one, or two destinations. That it is why it is very important that the chauffeur communicates well with the customer, and their guests. He must also know when to, and when not to speak, because the customers can easily be annoyed or overwhelmed. He should also be as good of a listener as a talker. Changes in plans, or traffic patterns can often occur which is another reason why great communications skills are required from great chauffeurs.

4. Punctuality

People often book limousines for special events and occasions, that is exactly why punctuality is absolutely essential. It can tremendously pressurize, or stress out the bride or groom if the limousine service shows up late and has to take them to their own wedding. A good chauffeur must value time and arrive promptly with time to spare so that there is more than enough time to make it to the respective destination. A great chauffeur must also have the routes and directions on his fingertips in order to take the fastest routes to get their guests to their destinations on time.

5. Safety

It is absolutely essential that a great chauffeur knows how to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. They should however also, not be apprehensive either. They should always remain confident and be able to drive safely and efficiently so that the guests can stay comfortable and relaxed at all times.

6. Driving Record

Ensuring the safety of all their passengers is the chauffeur’s responsibility. To keep that responsibility, it is really important that the chauffeurs must have a clean track record. This is one thing most customers can be very skeptic about. They usually are very concerned about the limousine company’s chauffeur track records, if they are not completely spotless it’s no surprise that they will not choose that company for their service.

7. Bonded Employment Status

A great chauffeur will always be a bonded employee of his respective limousine company. Which is an indication that he or she is a valued, permanent, and professional member of the team. As we know a chauffeur’s job is highly professional, there is no room for amateurs, hacks, or short termed contractors.

8. Adequate Training

Proper licensing & certification, a clean driving record, and a sharp looking attire are a good start, but an excellent chauffeur should always be fully trained. Some customers may ask if the chauffeur has completed defensive driving course. There are also some other things to consider, too. For instance, if a customer is hiring a limousine for a wedding, they might ask that if the chauffeur knows how to help a bride with a 13-foot-train getting in and out of the vehicle without wrinkling her gown.


An excellent chauffeur is always privy to all sorts of moments in people’s personal and professional lives. And sometimes the privacy screen might not be raised all the way up. A great chauffeur must practice discretion, decorum, and confidentiality at all times.

10.People Skills

An excellent chauffeur should consistently enjoy interacting with people and providing them with a brilliant customer experience. Chauffeur should be pleasant, polite, and know when to make conversation with passengers and when to let them ride in peace.

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