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How To Become A Limo Driver In San Bernardino, California

How To Become A Limo Driver In San Bernardino, California

If you are looking to enter a lucrative field and possess hospitality, directional, and driving skills then you should definitely learn about becoming a limo driver for a great service such as Limo Service San Bernardino. We are a limo company that provides affordable and luxury limo rental service throughout San Bernardino, California. According to recent statistics from The United States Bureau of Labor estimates that there are approximately 47,000 limo drivers in the past 10 years nationwide.

To make sure you meet all basic requirements like age and citizenship to be a certified limo driver call the California Department of Motor Vehicles. You might also want to request a copy of your driving record from the DMV. Although this documentation is not required to become a limo driver, but it is better to be aware of any fouls on your driving record that might impede the hiring process.

You will need to complete and pass the commercial driver license written exam. The CDL is also known as a hard card, chauffeur’s permit or “hack” license. You will be issued a commercial driver’s license valid for four years after submitting the CDL application, written exam, and required processing fee to the DMV. For airport limo driver applicants there is also a requirement to undergo drug testing, criminal background checks and fingerprints.

After completing this process you can successfully apply to be a limo driver. Limo companies will be impressed that you have completed all the steps to get certified as a professional limo driver. Many limo companies including Limo Service San Bernardino provide in-house training to maximize ease for new drivers.

In addition to all the paperwork and licensing requirements, applicants must also demonstrate excellent hospitableness and service orientation. Remember to be patient and always have the willingness to help, it is never a really bad thing to be too nice.

Limo service San Bernardino and its limo drivers are well aware of the directions and the surrounding areas of san Bernardino at all times. We suggest developing a strong working knowledge of the area in which you work to ensure the best customer experience for your passengers. Passenger don’t appreciate being asked for directions. Our limo drivers are knowledgeable about the San Bernardino area and can easily recommend the best local restaurants, site, and leisurely activities and the best routs to take to get to their destinations.

It is also important for experienced and new limo drivers to maintain an overall composure behind the wheel and be courteous, especially to other drivers. Customers are expecting a worry free ride to their desired destination, so you must always be early if not timely in all of your pickups.

Limo drivers must, of course, be safe and attentive of other vehicles on the road. It’s important to maintain your cool and to be on your best when you are on the road, especially in a professional capacity.

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